Mateo Broillet is a graphic designer with a strong focus on typography and editorial projects, currently studying design at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam. Please find attached to this website a selection of images about personal and less personal projects. About. Get in touch. Misc.

“Nero” typeface in use for the album cover of Czech musician Ventolin. In collaboration with Hector Torres and The Rodina. July 2017.

Poster for an exhibition of the Studio for Immediate Spaces department of the Sandberg Instituut.

A2, Riso. June 2017.

Posters for the chess club of the Sandberg Instituut, using the figure of Boris Spassky. A2, Riso & digital printing. April 2017.

Echo is a zine exploring the possibility of a trade union in the graphic design field.
58×35 cm, Riso. April 2017.

Visual identity of Sandberg Instituut’s 2017 open day.

A2, Riso. January, February 2017.

Using the Transcript of Donald Trump’s January 11 conference, the aim of this project is to highlight a political speech's construction. The monospaced typeface created for the occasion is inspired by the tweet: “That typewriter font makes you look so deep”. 1 min. movie designed for 1920×1080 vertical screens, January 2017.





Typeface with a strong focus on the “Mercator” typeface drawn by Dick Dooijes in the late 60s.

Participation in the design team of the book “De ruimtelijke metamorfose van Nederland 1988–2015”.
Made for the Studio Joost Grootens. 17×24 cm, July 2015.

Informal poster/map of Spain regarding the situation towards regional issues for the LAUS Awards in Barcelona. Made for the Studio Joost Grootens. 66×88 cm. November 2015.

Typeface inspired by a certain form of Brutalist architecture. 2016.

Book design for the French museum “Centre Pompidou”. This guide looks back at the first five years of the annex of the famous Parisian institution in Metz, France. Made at onlab studio. 18×24,8 cm, May 2015.

Design of the manifesto “Beyond the New”. This publication was distributed during the Milan Furniture Fair in 2015. Made for the Studio Joost Grootens. 25,5×34,5 cm. April 2015.

Five, Cinq is a bilingual newspaper project which question the end of the printed papers and aims the visual confrontation of various journalistic sources and influences. 37,5×52 cm. June 2014. Diploma project at ECAL.



Jacques Veltmanstraat 949, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Feel free to get in touch in English, Spanish or French.



Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam

Master of Arts in Design

2016–2018 (ongoing)


University of Art and Design, Lausanne (ECAL)

Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design




The Rodina, freelancer

Sandberg Instituut, In-house designer

LargeNetwork, In-house designer

Studio Joost Grootens, Intern

onlab, Intern



Graphic Design Festival Scotland 2017

ECAL Graphic Design

Swiss Federal Design Awards 2015

26th Biennial Graphic Design Brno 2014


Otis, Los Angeles

Royal College of Art, London